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      M: Well u may be the only unger one in ur year but u know, we have a lot of after-school activities u can join in。 And so, this way u‘ll be able to meet new friends of different age groups。

    What effects there will be if we let children or students learn an instrument?

    refer to the piano one

    • build up positive personalities: confidence/ a gentle characteristic
    • develop a sense of rhythm
    • feel and think, love the world, love my life

      Q13。 What does Mr。 Lee encourage Katherine to do?

    Did u ever do part-time job?

    Yes, I've been a model for some journals, activities, phone companies since I was graduated from high school. It cannot be my career because my height limits the activities I can attend to a small range, even though I love this kind of jobs very much.

      Q16。 What is the researchers’ purpose in carrying out the Su‘s experiments with mice?(标红的岗位没听清卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎

    Do u think Chinese foods are nutritious?

    Sure, way more nutritious than western food. For example, how do u eat lettuce? U only take two leaves or at most a quarter of it to do salad. But us Chinese will use a whole bunch of lettuce to make a course. Besides, the oil we use is made from veggies, and urs is make from animal fat, which contains high cholesterol.

      M: Sure Catherine。 What can I do for u。

    What is the most respectful job in ur country? Why?

    I suppose that university professor is the most respectful job in my country. Because in general, the requirements for this position include a postdoc degree, or at least a doctor. And then overseas research experience. These two requirements are very hard to achieve. And on the other side, since professors are highly educated, their opinions are usually persuasive. And most of them don't misbehave. They think of the country and people, not only themselves. That's how they've gained fame and prestige.

      Q18。 What is said about mice at the end of the passage?

    Is it necessary to hold music courses at high schools?

    For high school, I don't think it's necessary to keep a music course as a compulsory course. On one hand, students are busy studying, concentrating on improving academic records. After all, they need to attend the university entry examination eventually. On the other hand, the purpose of holding such a course is to help develop hobbies and to help form positive personalities for young kids. When they get into high school, they are almost adults. If they have already developed such an interest, they can chose to take the music course as an optional one.

      W: Yes I know, but I‘m unger than most of the students in my year。 And that worries me a lot。

    Should parents punish their children physically?

    No. That would make their children hate them. Especially for juveniles, the heavier parents punish them, the worse they will act up. And for adolescents, if their parents still hit them physically, they will deviate farther from the way their parents set for them. I think the best way to cultivate a child is to behave urself. Parents themselves, how they treat others, how they deal with problems, their values, will be silently learned and absorbed by their children. So personally I think you should be the kind of person who u want ur children to be. After all, parents are the best teachers.

      Q14。 李先生承诺为Katharine做些什么?

    In what way has the diet of the people in ur country been changing?

      Q18。 关于通道末尾的老鼠说哪些?

    Compare modern music with traditional music

    On one hand, modern music has faster and stronger tempo. Like R and B, rhythm and blues, it is faster tempo than blues, but still keeps the good tunes and melody of blues. On the other hand, traditional music focus more on the tunes than the lyrics. Even some of them don't have lyrics at all. When u close ur eyes, u can only feel and imagine how upset, rigorous, peaceful, or joyful the composer was. But now, take "where is the love" as an example. It a song of Black Eyed Peas. Its lyrics is very thought-provoking and enlightening. So I think modern music is more explicit. Every modern song expresses a topic.

      PSG 1

    General attitude of young people towards old people in China. Do u think there's an advantage of being old?


      Q17。 老鼠在什么样境况下冒险步入不安全的地点?

    What foods are most nutritious? What foods are not?

    Fruits are the most nutritious foods, so are veggies. Like kiwi, fig, almond, grapefruit, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and so on. I took one grapefruit when I had a bad cold. And I got recovered the next morning. Isn't it amazing? Grapefruit is very good for ur health. And for the foods that are not nutritious, fish and chips is one of them. This food is buttered, crumbled, grilled, and fried. It takes a lot oil, very greasy. If I really want to eat fish and chips, I will use an air frier.

      M: Don‘t worry Catherine。 It’s completely normal for u to be nervous about transferring schools。 This happens to many transfer students。

    Should students be allowed to do part-time jobs?

    Yes, definitely. If u r doomed to do something, u should do it as early as possible. Especially in China, young people study in school not for themselves, but for their parents and for the common value of the society. They should have some independent thoughts, and doing a part-time job could help them to find who they really are and what they really want to do.

      Q12。 Why does Katherine feel anxious?

    values and the way they can change. Possessions that give people status. Do you think it is a healthy way of thinking?


      Passage1 饥饿的震慑

    What family activities are popular in ur city?

    Beijing is a famous historical city, with a lots of ancient buildings and meaningful sites. It is popular that parents take their children to visit these places, telling them stories, cultivating their sense of honour and responsibility to the city. Besides, those spots are usually scenic and picturesque. So it's also a way to relax. When I was very young, my parents took me to three or four places every year. I miss those old times.

      Q14。 what does Mr。 Lee promise to do for Catherine?

      Q16。 探讨人口张开尝试的目标是何等?(标红的职位没听清卡塔 尔(阿拉伯语:قطر‎

      W: Good morning Mr。 Lee。 May I have a minute of ur time。

      Q12。 为啥凯瑟琳感觉烦扰?

      Q15。 What do we learn about Catherine’s schoolmate Bree?

      W:李先生早晨好。作者可以给你或多或少光阴。 M:显著凯瑟琳。笔者能为您做怎么着。 W:作者很挂念转入你的高档高校。可能本人不契合。 M:别忧郁凯瑟琳。你转学很恐慌是全然健康的。这发生在不菲转学子身上。 W:是的,笔者精晓,但自己比本身一年中的大非常多学员都年轻。那让自家很顾忌。 M:那么你或然是您一年中无出其右年轻的叁个,但是你知道,我们有为数不菲你能够参与的课后活动。所以,那样您就能够结识区别年龄段的新对象。 W:很好。作者垂怜嬉水和喜欢团体。 M:作者信赖你会。所以您会很好。不要太操心,尽量充裕利用大家在这里间提供的音讯。此外,请记住,倘若您要求帮扶,您能够在其余时候来找笔者。 W:特别多谢。作者前几天认为非常多了。事实上,小编曾经联系过和自个儿同样住在同一栋屋企里的女孩,她看起来的确很好。笔者想住在学校里,因为大家会协同生活,所以笔者会有机缘结识越来越多的意中人。 M:全体的上学的小孩子都对新来港定居职员丰硕友善。让笔者检查你的饭馆里有何人和你住在一同。好。有汉娜,凯利和Bree。布里也是一人像你这么的新生。作者言听计从你们俩会有更加的多的分享对方。

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      W: Thanks so much。 I definitely feel better now。 As a matter of fact, I‘ve already contacted one of the girls who’d be living in the same house as me and she seemed really nice。 I guess living on campus I‘ll have a chance to have a closer circle of friends since we’ll be living together。

      Q15。 大家对Katharine的同窗布瑞有啥明白?

      W: That‘s nice。 I love games and hobby groups。

      M: All students are very friendly with new arrivals。 Let me check who would be living with u in ur flat。 OK。 There are Hannah, Kelly and Bree。 Bree is also a new student here like u。 I‘m sure u two will have more to share with each other。

      W: I‘m quite anxious about transferring over to ur college。 I’m afraid I won‘t fit in。


      Q13。 李先生鼓舞凯瑟琳做什么?


      Have you ever felt like you would do just about anything to satisfy your hunger? A new study in mice may help to explain why hunger can feel like such a powerful motivating force。 In the study, researchers found that hunger outweighed other physical drives including fear, thirst and social needs to determine which feeling won out。 The researchers did a series of experiments。


      In one experiment。 The mice were both hungry and thirsty。 When given the choice of either eating food or drinking water, the mice went for the food the researchers found。 However, when the mice were well-fed but thirsty they opted to drink according to the study。

      M: I‘m sure u do。 So u’ll be just fine。 Don‘t worry so much and try to make the most of what we have on offer here。 Also, remember that u can come to me anytime of the day if u need help。

      Conversation 2 转校生

      Q17。 In what circumstances do mice venture into unsafe areas?

      In the second experiment meant to pit the mice’s hunger against their fear。 Hungry mice were placed in a cage that had certain Fox centered areas and other places that smelled safer。 In other words, not like an animal that could eat them but also had food。 It turned out that when the mice were hungry they ventured into the unsafe areas for food。 But when the mice were well-fed they stayed in areas of the cage that were considered safe。 Hunger also outweighed the mice‘s social needs, the researchers found。 Mice are usually social animals and prefer to be in the company of other mice according to the study。 When the mice were hungry they opted to leave the company of other mice to go get food。